[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Packaging and Release Management] Need to sync new release of rqt_topic (Indigo, Jade, Kinetic)

Isaac I. Y. Saito ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 23:14:53 UTC 2017

I'm sorry that I didn't notice I was asked for an opinion. And I don't have much to say for the improvement given that the buildfarm maintainers are already doing what they can. I'm also aware of [a discussion from last year](http://lists.ros.org/lurker/thread/20160407.204338.56102ea5.en.html#i20160407.204338.56102ea5). With all of these it simply seems not easy.

That said I personally react to the notifications from the buildfarm only if it repeats twice or more (e.g. For the 1st batch of notifications for a package A, I almost ignore them. I'll look into it once I receive the 2nd batch). This works for me because in some (or many) cases with me the notification happened only once and they stop (not sure this is the same as what you guys call as false-positive). I know I shouldn't ignore any of notifications, but knowing that false-positive could happen this has been working at least on my side.

(For the particular case of openhrp3 discussed above, I've been no longer maintaining (just unassigned myself) so can't speak for any issue of it.)

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