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Daniel Stonier ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 10:34:41 UTC 2017

I started on such a _master selector_, but decided against it. The better solution is as I mentioned above, is to have a tool like the master selector able to reconfigure your ROS shell environment for you (we did by configuring a `~/.bashrc.ros` and pointed our ROS setup.bash scripts to post-load that. That way every program, launcher and ROS shell utility will work out of the box. It is very rare that you'll be interacting with just one rqt program, so that means repetitive selection for each and every rqt program and then you will probably want to reconfigure a ROS shell for command line tools anyway.

A _master selector_ is good for a program that doesn't require a ROS shell, e.g. vanilla qt ROS program or android app. 

Note: RQT programs are typically ROS shell dependent since you need the `PYTHONPATH` and `rospack` discovery to find most of them.

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