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Kyler Laird ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 14:42:50 UTC 2017

I realize that I'm not looking for normal work.  I'd like to try an unconventional approach.  I'm interested in different perspectives about this.

I need help with my field robots.  I also like to work in the Open.  Rather than hire someone for a task, I'd like to pay for services received through ROS Discourse.  I'm imagining that I'd post something like "I want to model my robot and be able to visualize it in the field" and people would respond with some direction.  I'd post updates as my understanding grows and I try experiments.  More help would flow.  I'd eventually accomplish what I want.

At the end or along the way, I'd pay out for help I've received.  And the journey would be documented for others to follow.  It's a bit of a Usenet/PayPal mashup.

1. I want some assurance that I'll get help on my topics.
2. Everyone needs to feel that payment is fair.
3. Respondents are likely to want to know how much their help is worth before putting much effort into a response.
4. It might not be obvious how valuable a response was.
5. I don't want to abuse/subvert ROS Discourse.

In the spirit of not abusing RD, this really is a job offer which requires ROS expertise.  I will offer $1000 to guide me to reconfigure my field robots to be more "ROS standard."  Specifically, I want to:

1. read NMEA messages from the GNSS receivers and publish standard ROS position and pose messages.
2. perform transformations to calculate the current position of the rear hitch (as projected onto the ground).
3. keep all discussion in an appropriate ROS Discourse topic.

I'm not sure how this might work.  Will one person do it?  What if others jump in and help?  I'll be happy to be flexible and pay out a bit more to make this experiment work.

I look forward to hearing what others think of this.  Please follow up here if that's appropriate.

Thank you.

Kyler Laird
Lairdscape LLC

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