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Ricardo González ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed May 3 11:12:12 UTC 2017

Thanks @wjwwood for making me aware of this thread.

After checking what @NotMe has detected, i have been investigating why Fast RTPS requires so much virtual memory. Thanks to this [link](http://wuerping.github.io/blog/malloc_per_thread.html) I've discovered each pthread thread is requiring 72MB. This occurs since a change in glibc-2.15.

I was checking a small program that uses pthread threads and the same program using std threads. A std thread only requires 8MB of virtual memory

Fast RTPS uses [Asio library](https://github.com/chriskohlhoff/asio). In my system Asio library is using pthreads. I was able to configure Asio library to use std thread changing _src/cpp/CMakeFiles.txt_. I changed line 183 with this new line:


After this change the HelloWorldExamples is using less virtual memory:

     ricardo at ricardodesktop  ~/workspace/desarrollo/proyectos/fastrtps >ps aux | grep Hello                                         
     ricardo  12502  0.0  0.0  73620 10160 pts/2    Sl+  13:04   0:00 ./examples/C++/HelloWorldExample/HelloWorldExample publisher

Are good numbers for you?

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