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The Construct ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu May 4 19:38:02 UTC 2017

OK, is not that there is an AI question to the ROS-certificate. Let me explain better.
The exam consists of making a robot solve a given problem... by using ROS.

This means that the student has to program very specific ROS parts (asked by the exam) in order to make the robot solve the problem.

Now, it can happen that you build the ROS parts correct but still, the robot is not able to solve the problem.

For instance, a very simple example to show you the point: you make the robot read from the laser topic but you do not calculate the proper movement direction from that laser scan. That means that, you understood how to read from topics, how to manage ROS messages and else, but you lack the knowledge of algorithms to compute a potential field.

In that sense is what we mean knowledge of AI (you can also call it knowledge of algorithms). Since that knowledge is not directly related to ROS, it is optional to the score. Hence you can fail that part and still pass the exam.

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