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Jose Luis Rivero ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu May 4 21:27:51 UTC 2017

[quote="allenh1, post:3, topic:1786"]
Maybe it would be best to have a gazebo-kinetic and gazebo-lunar ebuild (along with the proper versioning, of course).

I would not recommend using the ROS distros as identifiers for the gazebo packages: they are both independent projects with their own names and versions, it is probably more consistent to keep the naming/versioning scheme of both. I, as a gazebo user/dev, would be surprised to see gazebo versions named with ROS release names. It should be easier to create `gazebo7`and `gazebo8` and make ebuilds to depend on the correct version or create a `virtual` named `gazebo` (it should make maintenance more easy and I have some valid use cases where you can use gazebo7 or gazebo8 with the same version of ROS)

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