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Geoffrey Biggs ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed May 10 01:03:58 UTC 2017

[quote="Martin_Guenther, post:13, topic:1797"]
A package shouldn't be released without somebody actually willing to maintain it.

I think there is value in continuing to release a package that is known to be working. I agree that if the package is not working with the other software in a ROS release, is uncompilable, is full of show-stopping bugs, or is just plain broken, then not releasing it is the right approach. But if the package is known to work and only has some minor problems, there is no reason not to produce a binary release. If the package's developer is not responsive, then I see value in having a team of volunteers who can do the release instead and making it known that the package is in an unmaintained state.

Maybe a voting system to vote for unmaintained/unreleased packages that people do want released could be useful? That would give such a team an indication of where to concentrate their efforts and possibly reduce the workload.

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