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Maarten de Vries ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed May 10 10:44:37 UTC 2017

It's not clear to me if the proposal supports per-pixel segmentations. There is the `source` field of `Classification2D` and `Classification3D`  which might be used for segmentations, but from the documentation I'm not entirely sure if it is also meant for segmentations or not. The name `source` is a bit confusing to me.

There might also be other types of detection besides bounding boxes and segmentation that I'm not currently thinking of, though the two seem like a pretty solid base for now.



# ROS parameter name where the metadata database is stored in XML format.
# The exact information stored in the database is left up to the user.
string database_param
Why XML? Why not YAML or JSON, or completely implementation defined? Or what about the name of a tree of parameters on the ROS parameter server?

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