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Geoffrey Biggs ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu May 11 22:46:07 UTC 2017

[quote="AdamAllevato, post:11, topic:1819"]
First, let me start off by noting that although I only created Classification and Detection messages, I think it makes sense to keep this as a general vision_msgs package, and additional computer vision-related messages can be added as time goes on. I think it's more useful than making a too-specific classification_msgs or similar.

I am not an expert in this field, but I would like to clarify whether the classification and detection messages are specific to 2D image processing, or if they can also be used for 3D point cloud processing or even 2D laser scan processing. If there is a possibility that they may be used outside of image processing, then perhaps a `classification_msgs` or similar package actually is appropriate. Just something I think should be considered.

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