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Asmodehn ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 17:14:19 UTC 2017

Indeed these focus primarily on pure-python environments for proper ROS
python integration.

The setup layout assumption that I work under is the usual software one :
- work on one repo at a time ( or tracking old bugs across different
packages and versions is a nightmare )
- know your dependencies and how they integrate with your own code ( or
upgrading your system will break your code without your knowledge )
- continuous integration : update/test/deploy as often and as fast as
possible ( or you will break what already works beyond any hope of repair )

So for ROS and C++/Python that means I usually expect the C++ packages are
built and deployed to the machine when a dev work on a python package (on
its own, in a virtualenv), relying on these packages.

That being said, messages are still the same, and they are located in the
same place, so if someone wanted to go through the trouble of writing a
CMakeLists.txt file for them, he/she could get the C++ code part to compile
and run while having the python code working there, all from the same
workspace. But I see more risks than benefits in doing that, so I dont want
to encourage it. Very few actually know or even care about how dependency
trees are resolved in static and dynamic time for both C++ and Python and
are able to solve a problem that may occur with a mixed complex setup.

Also I understand that the usual way to do things with ROS is to have a
separate dedicated package for message definitions only, so in that case it
is not an issue, even in the same workspace.

rosimport is known to work only at the development phase so far. I still
need to work out some details for packaging (with pip) python packages that
use it.

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