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Keshavchintamani ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 06:15:10 UTC 2017

Hi ROS Community,

I started a year and half ago building a ROS enabled tiny robot that costs a quarter of other equivalent robots and that has all the goodies for mobile robotics research right here on my desk. 

Besides the usual interruptions and a ton of lessons learnt with low cost hardware, I'm proud to share my results with you, Trinibot V2.0!


Here's what she has:
* Quad core RPi3 running ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu Mate 16.04
* Softkinetic DS525 Time of Flight - 0.15 to 1m @ 320x240 with a 720p RGB camera
* Filtered IMU and magnetometer
* Temperature and humidity sensors.
* In-built 3.6Ah 12V rechargeable battery
* WiFi and Bluetooth
* Additional USB port and DC 5V socket for peripherals
* 8 channel 12 bit ADC for analog sensors
* A joystick for some interaction
* A 8x8 RGB panel to generate markers and bitmaps  
* Differential wheel rate control from 1 to 10cm/sec and 0.2 to 1.57 deg/sec with odometry 
* Two additional motors (open-loop) for a robot arm or other actuation
* Can be ported to other robot differential wheel chassis with DC servos upto 12V 1A.
* Develop and test while charging! 

ROS functionality (so far)
* Full TF tree
* Sensor messages 
* GMapping
* EKF localization

She runs for about 2 hrs with stops and constant sensor streams over wifi. I still need to redefine the covariances for the various sensors (and a lot of other tests of the entire stack).

The next steps are:
Navigation stack
Interactive functionality

Keen to hear thoughts, questions and critique that will make Trinibot awesome and community friendly! 



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