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Bas de Bruijn ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 10:16:20 UTC 2017

[quote="iluetkeb, post:16, topic:3161"]
Im not sure what role MachineKit would play in such a setup. Would you use MachineKit to generate the software running on the micro-controller?

Machinekit would either have software step generation (with RT-PREEMPT) kernel, or depending on platform the hardware taking care of this by PRU (microprocessor) on a Beaglebone, FPGA on a mesanet pci card / De0 nano soc.

[quote="warp1337, post:17, topic:3161"]
In order to achieve this, the motors need to be synchronized (I assume), this would require lots of configuration I guess?

As long as you have the motors driven from the same board this is not really a big thing because you'd have the interpolation done by a HAL component. Then the HAL component sets the velocities, etc. Where movement (rough interpolation) is planned by ROS.
Synchronized moves from different Boards is not available (not yet anyway; execution of the HAL function thread needs to be done from an external source (like a hardware interrupt from fpga), there's been a bit of experimentation with NTP server in the past, but I don't know the details)

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