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Jaime Martin Losa ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 09:14:56 UTC 2017

Hi Angelo (@kidos),

Coordinate different companies to get a common view on a complex matter is always hard, and in this case, there are multiple design options leading to different tradeoffs.

Our submission (RTI, Twin Oaks & eProsima) already aligns the views of three different DDS vendors, and sure we will try to incorporate ideas of your submission.

Our submission tries to accomplish the following:

- Propose a familiar model to the final user, making use of the DDS object model and specifications: Serialization (CDR), representation (XML-DDS), and some ideas of WS-DDS mapping 
- Neither the protocol or the API is designed to save every possible bit, but to have something robust, flexible and easy to use.

We coded a PoC of our submission, and during the presentation, you asked about numbers. At that point, with no optimizations at all, and in debug mode we answered 43Kb. I asked my team to optimize a little bit the code, and here are the numbers we have now for the client:

Total Memory Use: 8 Kb

But we could squeeze that even a little more. We are releasing this as Open Source (Apache 2) so anyone can review the results.

But again, we are not aiming to be as small as possible. We are covering all the requisites of the DDS-XRCE RFP, and testing our solution in what we consider typical microcontrollers today.

Regarding the process at the OMG meeting, we (RTI, Twin Oaks & eProsima) didnt want to confront both specifications and choose one of them, but have the time to incorporate ideas from your submission, and that is why now we have an extended deadline.

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