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Irati Zamalloa ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 09:07:42 UTC 2017

Hi Roser,

[quote="Roser, post:4, topic:2812"]
Im curious that what the Information Model will really standardize
The Information Model standardizes logical middleware interfaces between components (or we try to!). We are working on creating a modular interface assigning at least a basic message that covers the main objective of the device. For the other characteristics we use optional messages, so the user wil be able to work with the 100% of possibilities that the component offers.

[quote="Roser, post:4, topic:2812"]
how to apply that to address gap among various robotics h/w components ?
We do this through H-ROS. [H-ROS](http://www.h-ros.com) is the infrastructure for creating interoperable hardware and all that this entails, where, the Information Model is part of the infrastructure.

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