[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Next Generation ROS/Troubleshooting] Ament Build with Proxy Setup

Tully Foote ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 17:58:34 UTC 2017

If you're only changing `/etc/wget` (Hopefully `/etc/wgetrc` actually according to the docs I can see for wget) that will only effect the wget program. CMake's ExternalProject_Add [uses libcurl](https://cmake.org/pipermail/cmake/2015-October/061850.html) under the hood you you will need to set the proxy settings for curl not wget.

Curl uses the standard environment variables `http_proxy` and `https_proxy`: See [here](https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9445489/performing-http-requests-with-curl-using-proxy) for how to set them.

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