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**Integration Engineer - Mechatronics**

**Our Vision**
Our vision is that autonomous vehicles will be ubiquitous within a few years. They will make the roads safe. They will solve congestion and air quality issues in urban zones. They will enable people with disabilities. They will improve productivity and working conditions in agriculture and heavy industry. In short, they will push mankind forward.

**Our Mission**
We founded EasyMile in 2014 to turn our vision into reality by providing turnkey, packaged software solutions for a wide range of driverless or autonomous vehicles and the needs to manage the fleets of such vehicles.

We're also building our own vehicle, an autonomous shuttle called the EZ-10.

**Our Company**
EasyMile is a well-funded rapidly growing startup, headquartered in Toulouse (France), with offices in Denver, Berlin and Singapore.

We have a very simple talent acquisition policy: "we're always recruiting". We do not hesitate to create a position when we are fortunate enough to receive unsolicited applications from exceptionally talented candidates.

**How our R&D is organised**
We provide a dynamic, stimulating environment, with interesting and high impact technical and societal challenges.

We are organised around a highly adaptable structure built for agility and reactivity: a multidisciplinary talent pool of first class engineers where self-selecting feature teams are created and dissolved for each feature and as required by each feature to be delivered  the lifespan of these teams is generally in order of a few days to a few weeks, while a few highly specific features might require months of work.

We provide and expect autonomy, initiative, proactivity along with responsibility and accountability to and from all our team members.

System architecture
IO listing and definition
definition and selection of the required low level components
definition of the global system architecture into vehicle
respect of safety constraints
ICD document writing

_Mechanical and electrical integration_
vehicle Integration document
close collaboration  with client/partner technical teams to define mechanical and electrical integration
definition of electrical and energy schemes
taking an active role in assembling the required parts on prototype vehicles with client/partner team
tests in partner/client premises

_Test bench_
definition and architecture of test benches
components provisioning and assembling

_Low level developments_
communication protocol definition with the vehicles ECU
developments for communication with vehicles ECU
developments for low level components (PLC, )
software integration of low level and vehicle parts with robotics embedded software

_Components setup_
provisioning of components
sensors setup (lidars, cameras, radars, ...)
actuator setup (control driver, )
loop control setup on vehicle

definition and execution of rigorous low level test process and plan
ability to code in C and C++
communication protocols: Serial, Ethernet, CAN, ...
automation techniques skills (control loop tuning)
ROS Knowledges ( Framework, tools, ... ) 
mechanics knowledges (traction system, )
good oral and written English
International travel can reach approximately 25% during integration phases, limited travel outside of these periods
Experiences in robotics or related fields
working knowledge or experience with safety standards for automotive, industrial automation systems would be a plus
Ability to clearly and professionally interact with client/partner teams
Job based in Toulouse France 
Send your resume at: jobs at easymile.com

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