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wenlong ros.discourse at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 08:23:54 UTC 2017

Dear preed
I got this problem
rostopic echo /bestpos
ERROR: Cannot load message class for [novatel_gps_msgs/NovatelPosition]. Are your messages built?
I did source devel/setup.bash before

> > preed
September 8 |

I havent seen errors like that before. Those look a little strange; are you able to compile other catkin packages from source without problem? Have you tried using catkin_make to compile novatel-gps-driver instead?

Although, I also see this:

Call Stack (most recent call first):
/opt/ros/jade/share/tf/cmake/tfConfig.cmake:165 (find_package)
/opt/ros/jade/share/catkin/cmake/catkinConfig.cmake:76 (find_package)

If you are using ROS Jade, novatel-gps-driver has actually already made it into its release repository, so you may be able to simply do sudo apt-get install ros-jade-novatel-gps-driver and skip compiling it from source.

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> > wenlong
September 8 |
Hi, Preed, I used catkin_tools, but it said that: Errors << novatel_gps_driver:cmake /home/robot/novatel/logs/novatel_gps_driver/build.cmake.002.log CMake Error at /home/robot/Documents/ros/devel/share/tf2_ros/cmake/tf2_rosConfig.cmake:106 (message): Project tf2_ros specifies /home/xiaoq

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