[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Next Generation ROS] Maximum amount of publisher / subscriptions per node

William Woodall ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 01:53:23 UTC 2017

[quote="arunava_nag, post:5, topic:1391"]
So how do we have call backs from our publisher or subscriber?

You can have one callback per subscription, I don't know why you'd have a callback for a publisher. We might have callbacks for events like when a subscription is matched on a publisher or something like that, but in typical use cases you'd never have a callback on a publisher...

[quote="arunava_nag, post:5, topic:1391"]
Has multiple call backs been enabled?

No, but as I said above, you can have your own list of callbacks which you call in your subscriptions single callback.

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