[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [General] ROS Answers: kinetic uses unstable eigen3 on Ubuntu 16.04

gavanderhoorn ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 16:18:10 UTC 2018

Thanks for the input.

I hate to say it, but it's not really 'my issue', and I'm not sure I'll have the time to follow up with Canonical.

My reason for posting this on Discourse was to give some visibility to the ROS Answers post and to start a discussion around whether this is serious enough for 'the ROS community' to perhaps devote some resources to get this fixed.

[Visit Topic](https://discourse.ros.org/t/ros-answers-kinetic-uses-unstable-eigen3-on-ubuntu-16-04/4425/3) or reply to this email to respond.

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