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Wed Apr 11 04:30:33 UTC 2018

**DIY Robocars KuaiKai Self-driving Racing Challenge** 
Lets grow, connect and test self-driving technology in a more interesting way.

**In Short**
DIY Robocars KuaiKai provides car platforms equipped with computing platform, sensors, and by-wire control support for self-driving engineers, and also closed urban roads for racing. Theoretically, you can just save your algorithms to the flash disk and then you are good to go for the racing (_kidding, but its almost that simple_). If you are still a hobbyist engineer without too much experience on the full-sized self-driving vehicle, you can choose to participate KuaiKai small-sized car onsite racing on the indoor racetrack. 

**About DIY Robocars KuaiKai** 
* **A Racing with Prize**. DIY Robocars KuaiKai is a racing event dedicated to self-driving. Participants come onsite to compete, race, test and optimize their self-driving software and algorithms.
* **An Event to Network and Connect**. Its also an international event for global self-driivng startups, students, engineers, developers and enthusiasts to gather together for networking, communication and mutual growth.
* **Mark the Moments**. DIY Robocars KuaiKai is a special way to mark the progress and milestones in self-driving development through the racing. 

**Racing Categories**
* **Full-sized** Car Onsite Racing: Full-sized car platform and hardware are provided onsite by the Organizer. The car platform is already equipped with self-driving engineering support. You come with your self-driving software and algorithms onsite  to compete on closed urban roads for self-driving skills such as obstacle avoidance and S-bend etc. (_The specifications for car platform will be announced on the website so that you can have a check to see the necessity of bringing your own hardware such as sensors and processors etc._ )

* **Small-sized** Car Onsite Racing: You can choose to bring your own small-sized car onsite to race (as long as it is self-driving small-sized cars powered by Raspberry Pi, such as Donkey car http://www.donkeycar.com/ or use the standard small-sized car platform provided by the Organizer onsite. The racing is for Wheel to Wheel Tournament.

* **Remote Racing**: Coming Soon (not released yet)

**Prize Pool**
* Full-sized Car Onsite Racing: $40,000 USD
* Small-sized Car Onsite Racing:  $15,000 USD
* Human Driver vs. AI Driver Ultimate Challenge (Full-sized Car): $100,000 USD  

**Sponsor Prize**
Udacity Self-driving NanoDegree Programs: Worth $1000 USD each

**Racing Date**
* Full-sized Car Onsite Racing: Participants arrive on May 19th, racing date is from May 20th-26th (the first five days are for installation and test)

* Small-sized Car Onsite Racing:  Participants arrive on May 24th, racing date is from May 25th-26th (the first day is for installation and test)

**Racing Location**
Guiyang, Guizhou, China  (_Well provide **flights reimbursement** and cover all the relevant costs during your stay_)

DIY Robocars KuaiKai, creating an unforgettable self-driving racing experience that we all haven't thought of yet!
**Apply and check** more details on the racing website page: https://www.pixmoving.com/kuaikai


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