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Thu Apr 12 15:40:39 UTC 2018

[quote="Alami, post:2, topic:4442"]
How can this be implemented?

I can think of two possible approaches:

 1. a MoinMoin macro/plugin that gets called each time a page is rendered
 1. a stand-alone script that gets run periodically

The first would seem to incur quite some overhead on the wiki server, which iiuc already suffers.

The second could be part of a task run by the buildfarm. The output could then be placed on the `repo` or `doc` machine, a MoinMoin macro/plugin would then only need to parse the result (probably some yaml file), which would be much lighter.

Decoupling the analysis from MoinMoin would probably be a good idea anyway, as it would increase the reusability of this for ROS 2 documentation. You could say that doesn't really matter though, as the approach described above is tied to MoinMoin anyway (ClearSilver template, looking for sections in pages, etc).

A disadvantage of a task on the buildfarm would be increased load there, and the possibility of stale information being used by whatever renders the results (as the jobs would be periodic).

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