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Fri Apr 13 09:19:05 UTC 2018

[quote="tfoote, post:7, topic:4442"]
the wiki is designed to be easily and openly edited without significant structure

One of the ideas is that prescribing structure (ie: freedom *from* choice) would to improved readability and usability of the wiki (this is already done with the *Package Links* box and the *Package Header*). As you're probably aware, structure helps as it allows visitors to form habits (ie: quickly assess state of something as it's easy to compare to others).

An added benefit of prescribing structure is that it makes analysis easier/possible. And with analysis comes the possibility for gamification, which is something that appears to work well for/in other projects/contexts.

[quote="tfoote, post:7, topic:4442"]
It might be worth exploring auto generating more of the content, rather than finding way to enforce that the content is captured in the free form wiki content.

Auto-generation would certainly help, but as I wrote above, enforcing some minimal content might be equally as effective.

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