[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [General] Announcing rosmon - interactive ROS process monitor

Brett Hemes ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 16:04:19 UTC 2018

One other so far, but I haven't figured out where exactly the issue is coming from and thus didn't want to post the issue on GitHub yet.  But since you asked :slight_smile: ...

No issues when launching with `roslaunch` but `rosmon` results in errors when initializing the `move_group` planning pipeline.  I get the below for each default adapter in `default_planner_request_adapters`, four in all resulting in my `joint_trajectory_action` server never coming up.

          move_group: [PlanningPipeline::configure]: Exception while loading planning adapter plugin 'default_planner_request_adapters/AddTimeParameterization
          move_group: 				': According to the loaded plugin descriptions the class default_planner_request_adapters/AddTimeParameterization
          move_group: 				 with base class type planning_request_adapter::PlanningRequestAdapter does not exist. Declared types are  default_planner_request_adapters/AddTimeParameterization default_planner_request_adapters/Empty default_planner_request_adapters/FixStartStateBounds default_planner_request_adapters/FixStartStateCollision default_planner_request_adapters/FixStartStatePathConstraints default_planner_request_adapters/FixWorkspaceBounds industrial_trajectory_filters/AddSmoothingFilter industrial_trajectory_filters/NPointFilter industrial_trajectory_filters/UniformSampleFilter

I can post this now in GitHub if you want or I can play a bit more to see if I can't offer any more insight.

[Edit]: FYI I am pushing EVERYTHING down into a separate namespace via `<group ns=...>` tag in the high-level launch files in case that makes a difference.

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