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Anis Koubaa ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 16:45:26 UTC 2018


I am pleased to announce a new major update for course on ROS on Udemy course entitled
**ROS for Beginners: Basics, Motion, and OpenCV**

I have added a new section on how to work with Laser Range Finders (i.e. laser scanner) with ROS. I have demonstrated examples with two real devices namely the Asus Live Pro RGBD camera, and Hokuyo laser range finder. 

The content of the new section includes the following:

* Background information on laser range finders and their characteristics
* Overview of main commercially available laser range finder used with ROS
* How to connect an Asus Live Pro camera with ROS using openni2 drivers and how to convert a depth image into a laser scan topic, and how to visualize it with rviz
* How to connect a Hokuyo laser range finder using urg_node driver and how to create a static transform to visualize with rviz
* How to record scan topic data with rosbag, and how to replay and visualize it with rviz
* How to create a subscriber ROS node to scan topic and process scan message to find max, min and average ranges (Python, (and C++ soon))
* How to configure the parameters of laser range finder with ROS (coming soon)

I am planning to add a intrusion detection system project using laser scanner with ROS. 

Also, previously a complete new section on OpenCV was introduced and demonstrated 13 different topics. 

Next major update will be presentation of transformations with tf package in ROS. 

This course is a shortcut for any new ROS user to learn ROS by demonstration and in efficient way. 

You can enroll to the course with a discount on 


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