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Sat Aug 25 06:29:42 UTC 2018

**TL;DR:** SROS2 Tutorial at IROS is scheduled the day after ROSCon, so please join us!

Hello everyone!

For those of you who might have missed the news, this morning the WIRED published a ROS relevant article in relation to the present state of security for robotics [[1]](https://www.wired.com/story/security-robotics):


The article touches upon some recent work from Brown University, namly the ROS Internet Mapping Project, that I would also recommend checking out [[2]](https://systems.cs.brown.edu/robotsecurity):

> The ROS Internet Mapping project is a research work in the Computer Science Department at Brown University to identify instances of Robot Operating System (ROS) available on the public Internet.


In light of this news, Id like to also take the chance to also plug for the SROS2 [tutorial at IROS 2018](https://www.iros2018.org/tutorials):

# [Mo-TUT-4: Securing Robotics with SROS2 (PM)](https://ruffsl.github.io/IROS2018_SROS2_Tutorial)

> This tutorial will provide a formal introduction to SROS2 for roboticists as an effort towards advancing the state of security in the robotics community. The objectives of this session will be multifaceted; primary hands-on instruction in setup and use of newer security features and tooling within ROS2, while secondary and tertiary objective include insighting more contributors to join the the project as well as soliciting further feedback.

This will be a half day tutorial on Oct 1st, the day following the conclusion of ROSCon. If you plan on being in Madrid for either ROSCon or IROS 2018, and would be interested in learning and discussing security features for ROS2, Id encourage you to join us Monday afternoon. In addition to myself, most of the other speakers may also be familiar to you, including: Gerardo Pardo, Bernhard Dieber, Gianluca Caiazza, and Mikael Arguedas.

See yall soon,


[1] https://www.wired.com/story/security-robotics

[2] https://systems.cs.brown.edu/robotsecurity

[3] https://ruffsl.github.io/IROS2018_SROS2_Tutorial

[4] https://www.iros2018.org/tutorials

### P.S.

Ive been working on some tutorial material to showcase a bit of tooling Ive been developing to Procedurally Provisioned Access Control for SROS2. If you want early peak or would like to help battle test it, feel free to check it out and ticket issues:




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