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Víctor Mayoral Vilches ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 08:33:14 UTC 2018

[quote="basdebruijn, post:8, topic:5832"]

If people coming from school knowing this programming language and if youre lucky some hardware/software concepts, youll also solve the problem of companies trying to find educated personnel. Might be an opportunity for the ROSIN project and education.


[quote="ThiloZimmermann, post:12, topic:5832"]

As you and @vmayoral are both based in Europe, you could even apply for some EU funding for a Focused Technical Projects ([FTP ](https://discourse.ros.org/t/rosin-submission-deadline-for-proposals-coming-up-september-14/5756)) via the ROSIN project ([http://rosin-project.eu/ftps ](http://rosin-project.eu/ftps)) and give it a try.


 +1 for this. Thanks @basdebruijn and @ThiloZimmermann. After the reactions, we are considering doing so. I'm thinking more in the ROSin FTP direction though. Although the percentage funded is lower, it certainly (at least it does to me) matches a bit better the objective of a potential project (maybe someone could argue this?).

Creating a small consortium where each partner had access to a different industrial robot and could contribute with their corresponding abstractions for a common Open Robotics Controller (ORC?, _not calling it OSRC for obvious reasons_)  may make sense.

If there's anyone interested, please say so.


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