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Víctor Mayoral Vilches ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 10:00:34 UTC 2018

Hello @GURob,

[quote="GURob, post:14, topic:5832"]

Can I propose to joint this proposal as an academy collaborator? Thanks.


Thanks for your interest. That's certainly very feasible. The current status of the project proposal is as follows: 

_Project will be focused around adapting a reference hardware Open Robotics Controller (ORC) (potentially to be provided by us, Erle Robotics and made it open _(including hardware)_ during the project) to a variety of different industrial robots. Each partner should contribute with a HW/SW layer that adapts the ORC to the robot (or robots) selected. Obviously, this implies that each partner should have access to the corresponding industrial robot and the capability of modifying the interface with it. Ideally, contributions from each partner should focus on different robots (so that we demonstrate the flexibility of such ORC)._

Currently, the group is composed by:

| Entity | Robot targets (potential targets/_interfaces_ for the ORC) |


| Ressler Systems | _access to Kuka, ABB and Fanuc manipulators_. |

| Acutronic Robotics (Erle Robotics) | UR3 (potentially also UR3e) and MARA (a modular industrial manipulator, to be announced soon) |

We will need a bit more of information about you and your group but feel free to write me if you feel you could contribute. Please specify which robot targets you'd be willing to use for the project.


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