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Dirk Thomas ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 02:06:19 UTC 2018

[quote="mkhansen, post:2, topic:6676"]

so today is feature freeze for ros2.repos right?


[quote="mkhansen, post:2, topic:6676"]

whats the cutoff for other packages like Navigation2 in order for us to make the Dec 14th release as a debian


Both are unrelated to each other.

For `bloom` releases there is in general never any cut off for new package releases. E.g. if you want to release a new package into Crystal in January you can do that anytime. That being said new packages are only being synced from time to time to the public repo (usually when there are no regressions). For the release date of Crystal in 10 days you should get `bloom` releases out as quickly as possible to ensure they successfully build and you have enough time to test the actual Debian packages. You can always release a new patch release later. If a patch release arrives only a few days before the release date we can't guarantee that it will be synced in time since the version we announce on the release date was commonly built a couple of days before already.

Regarding the `ros2.repos` file all contributions need to build across all the targeted platforms. Since that bar is even higher (then only Ubuntu amd64 for the Debian packages) I would also suggest asap. After a successful run of the CI builds a PR can be merged quickly (assuming they build and test with no regressions). The closer we get to the release there might be more congestion and therefore a longer delay before we can test contributions. Once repositories are added to the repos file we do expect the branch to be stable and not fail the builds / have failing tests (otherwise the repo is subject to be removed again until it is stable again).

So in both cases for `navigation2` I can only suggest as soon as possible to reduce the risk of *something* not working out when done the first time and then missing the release announcement.


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