[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [OpenEmbedded] ROS on an Intel Aero/Yocto

Jason Gauthier ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 18:56:57 UTC 2018


   I am trying to get a ROS install on an Intel Aero Compute board that is distributed with a yocto platform.  I've tried two different approaches.  One approach is the cross-compilation method mentioned here:

However, after setting up the environment an attempting to `bitbake roslaunch` I get an error that says:
`ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'python-pyyaml' (but /home/xyz/devel/meta-ros/recipes-ros/ros-comm/roslaunch_1.11.21.bb RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)`

I've done a bit of searching, but I haven't been able to determine a reasonable solution.

The second method I've attempted is a source installation:

Since the compute board has a dev envorment this seemed reasonable.
Unfortunately,  `rosdep update` cannot determine the OS.  I'm not sure which OS would be the most suitable.

Anyway, any solution on continuing down either path would be appreciated.

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