[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Packaging and Release Management/Melodic] Firos maintainer transition request

jstenzel ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 09:15:56 UTC 2018

Hi @tfoote and @Angel_Hernandez, we've now completed the first version of our FIROS Node on github:  
The new version of Firos doesnt need to publish the ROS defintion as it was before. The nested entities have been removed and divided into smaller, simple key-value pairs (incl. all required information) as it is recommended by Fiware.
The next steps will be dealing with sending and receiving data through the NGSI v2 interfaces. The NGSI v1, which is deprecated in Fiware Orion, will be completely removed. 

As the actual FIROS node is used by a bunch of ROS users, I think that it would be good to release the node as a ROS package on the ROS webpage. Do you think it would be possible to release our fork of FIROS ROS node under the same name as the former FIROS package? In my opinion that would be better as releasing it under a different name that might confuse the ROS developers. And it would be bad to have a non-maintained ROS package.

The problem is that Angel and his former colleagues do not have access to the ROS package any more. How can we proceed with this?

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