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David!! ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 15:26:14 UTC 2018

tl;dr: Check out https://github.com/locusrobotics/robot_navigation

Greetings ROS-Users!
I'd like to announce the robot_navigation stack's latest release. This includes everything I talked about in my [ROSCon2018 Talk](https://vimeo.com/292702885) [[slides]](https://tinyurl.com/locomotor-roscon). This includes
 * The new `nav_core2` interfaces
 * The DWB Local Planner ([introduced last year](https://vimeo.com/236487972))
 * The Dlux Global Planner
 * Locomotor - the path planning coordination engine to replace `move_base`
 * Backwards compatible adapters for `nav_core` interfaces

The overall goal of the stack is to create a new revision of the "classic" [navigation stack](https://github.com/ros-planning/navigation) but with cleaner interfaces to make it easier for developers to create custom 2.5D navigation algorithms that fit their individual contexts.

Additional things that I'm proud of:
 * [The mathematical explanation](https://github.com/locusrobotics/robot_navigation/tree/master/dlux_global_planner#the-kernel) of [the dark magic numbers in navfn](https://github.com/ros-planning/navigation/blob/944b4e2ea9235f6ac8027fd2a6423b44d7686ef6/navfn/src/navfn.cpp#L478)
 * [Finally understanding the move_base state machine](https://github.com/locusrobotics/robot_navigation/tree/master/locomove_base#move-base-state-machine)
 * [Modular grid iterator library](https://imgur.com/a/zJXKnzI)
 * [Documenting the peculiarities of how OccupancyGrid is used](https://github.com/locusrobotics/robot_navigation/blob/master/nav_grid_pub_sub/doc/CostInterpretation.md)

In the near future (for some definition of near), we'll be releasing new refactored packages implementing the layered costmap and map server, at which point we'll be able to explore converting the whole stack to ROS2.

Source is available here: https://github.com/locusrobotics/robot_navigation
Binaries will be available for Indigo, Kinetic, Lunar and Melodic with the next syncs. 
The main documentation is in Github READMEs, but you can also check out the [wiki](http://wiki.ros.org/robot_navigation) and [Code API](http://docs.ros.org/melodic/api/nav_grid/html/classnav__grid_1_1NavGrid.html)

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