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jontje ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 10:44:04 UTC 2018

If you are  wondering what such an internship could entail, here is a brief description of what an intern did at ABB this summer.

**Topic:** Mobile robotics, including navigation, localization and mapping, as well as system integration of an [ABB YuMi](https://new.abb.com/products/robotics/industrial-robots/yumi) robot and a [Clearpath Ridgeback](https://www.clearpathrobotics.com/ridgeback-indoor-robot-platform/) mobile platform.

**Overview of work done:**

* Software integration:
  * [move_base](http://wiki.ros.org/move_base) for interaction with the Ridgeback platform.
  * [ros_pkg_gen](https://github.com/tecnalia-advancedmanufacturing-robotics/ros_pkg_gen) for generating ROS nodes (ROS package developed by ROSIN partner Tecnalia).
  * [abb_librws](https://github.com/ros-industrial/abb_librws) for interaction with the YuMi robot (ROS package developed by ROSIN partner ABB).
* Hardware integration:
  * Connecting different subsystems via WiFi and Ethernet to make sure they can communicate.

**Purpose:** Investigate, and evaluate, the combination of ABB robot systems and open-source capabilities found in ROS-based systems.

And here is an image of the mobile platform:

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