[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [General] Fix released: rviz 1.14 not displaying markers etc with invalid quaternions

dhood ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 23:23:00 UTC 2018

There was a break in behaviour in rviz 1.14 released into kinetic and lunar where ROS messages containing unnormalised or uninitialised quaternions were rejected. This caused a number of plugins to not show visuals e.g. markers.

rviz 1.15 allows messages with invalid quaternions to be processed again. Unormalised quaternions will generate a console warning.

**Publishers of invalid quaternions should be updated to publish valid quaternions, as rviz will reject invalid quaternions 1 year from now**. See https://github.com/ros-visualization/rviz/pull/1179 for the discussion. Add `log4j.logger.ros.rviz.quaternions=DEBUG` to `$ROS_ROOT/config/rosconsole.config` to see more detailed messages.

rviz 1.15 has not yet been synced into the main ros apt repo but will be available from the [testing repo](http://wiki.ros.org/ShadowRepository) once the distro's rebuild has completed. Check http://repositories.ros.org/status_page/ros_kinetic_default.html?q=rviz (and lunar equivalent) to know when rviz 1.15 is released into the main repo. (@tfoote @marguedas as this breaks users, if it's appropriate to sync earlier than normal that would be appreciated).

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