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Fri Jan 12 07:48:17 UTC 2018


While I'm using the Thumper I don't want to limit this code to that platform so I'm generalizing to handle more than two 'motors', i.e. Thumper has 3 per side but controlled as one. 

I think _twist_ is a level higher than than I'm talking about. 

    Move Base >> _twist_ >> Platform Controller >> _JointTrajectory_ >> SMC Driver >> SMC

Something has to translate _twist_ into the speed control commands for the Simple Motor Controller (SMC). _JointTrajectory_ contains the necessary information so probably is the way I'll go. 

I have motors with encoders but they are not installed, in part because I don't have anything that will read the encoders. I may see if a script on the Maestro can handle it but have my doubts. 

I'd be interested in discussing other aspects of the project elsewhere but IMO this project section is appropriate for this discussion. There have been similar ones on other projects. 

Most 'robots' tend to end up as RC cars. I've already used the Thumper for an autonomous competition. 


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