[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Next Generation ROS] Rviz2 - Qt - problem creating accessible interface

Paul Rusu ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 17:16:20 UTC 2018

Since I am having virtually the same problem (without the Qt notification), I would like to take up the answering from here. I installed ROS2 from source and have it in ~/ros2_ws. I have uploaded screenshots of my problem setting.  ![RVIZ_problem|690x288](upload://aihdjPHBMJbcfDLTzM5PcaTREt3.png)![Screenshot_rviz2|690x288](upload://9wVKcUtVU7KNG9aJOrBA4BT2mNy.png)There is no ~/ros2_ws/bin/rviz2, only a  ~/ros2_ws/build/rviz2 which is a directory. What do you mean by <path_to_ros2> then? Do you have any other ideas why this happens?

Thanks a lot!

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