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Thu Jan 25 04:07:42 UTC 2018

Hello ROS users,

We are searching for a full-time control systems engineer to develop and maintain high-performance control interfaces to a suite of industrial robots. You will be responsible for development, maintenance, and optimization of the interfaces between Osaros abstract controller libraries and the low-level control systems of all our supported robot platforms. The ideal candidate would have a graduate degree in robotics or a related field and extensive experience implementing and optimizing control systems for real-world robotic systems. Strong programming and verbal communication skills are essential.

Please see below and apply from here (http://www.osaro.com/careers/?gh_jid=969996) if you are interested!

* M.S. or Ph.D. in computer science, robotics, or related field
* 3+ years experience implementing, maintaining, and optimizing control interfaces with robotic systems
* Extensive experience implementing and optimizing multi-threaded, high-performance hardware/software interfaces
* Experience interfacing with robotic sensor suites including cameras, force sensors, and end effectors.
* Experience designing software systems for managing and processing multiple high-bandwidth data streams
* Experience with correlating high-speed, time-sensitive data streams (i.e., sensor fusion algorithms)
* Fluency in Python and strong software engineering skills
* Familiarity with C++ and writing Python interfaces to C++ libraries
* Experience working collaboratively in a shared software implementation setting

* 1+ years working on robotic control systems in a production setting
* Knowledge of computer vision techniques
* Extensive knowledge of core principles in kinematics, dynamics, and control theory
* Experience working with robotic simulations

Osaro (osaro.com) is a San Francisco-based startup company applying deep reinforcement learning technology to next-generation robotics applications. The company is backed by some of Silicon Valleys leading investors, including Peter Thiel, Jerry Yang and Scott Banister. Osaro has an agile team of scientists and experienced machine learning practitioners. The following full-time position is available immediately. All candidates should be willing to move to the SF Bay Area. We do not work with recruiters.

P.S. We also have other job postings including Robot Motion Planning Engineer (http://www.osaro.com/careers/?gh_jid=969906), Reinforcement Learning Engineer (http://www.osaro.com/careers/?gh_jid=490848) and Deep Learning Engineer (http://www.osaro.com/careers/?gh_jid=490809).


Kazu Komoto
Robotics Software Engineer at Osaro
kazu at osaro.com 

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