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Jack Pien ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 21:57:52 UTC 2018

Hi Rodrigo, thanks for the note.  

I actually got the Duckietown ROS software stack running on our [Raspbian ROS OpenCV image](https://medium.com/@rosbots/ready-to-use-image-raspbian-stretch-ros-opencv-324d6f8dcd96).  I believe their efforts are complimentary since our ROSbots kit is functionally equivalent to the duckiebot.
I actually reached out to the duckietown team members to see if we can work together.  **If you know anyone on the Duckietown team, would appreciate an intro**.  I believe our two efforts complement each other very well (we are focused on HW, them on curriculum framework for ROS).

As for vision on a RPi, totally agree.  I'm looking at having a complimentary container and/or VM that is run on a laptop/server (maybe even in the cloud) to do the heavy lifting computation while pointing the ROS_MASTER_URI at the ROSbots Pi running ROS.  Assuming you have the bandwidth to stream the images from the Pi Camera to the machine at 15-30 FPS (which shouldn't be a problem compressed at 640x480), you can run vision, localization, whatevers with another ROSbots "brain" living off the RPi.  Hope that makes sense!

I'm trying to avoid requiring anyone to buy >$50 SBC's and/or processors.

Let me know if you have further feedback or suggestions.  

BTW - what are you working on using ROS?  Love to learn more.

Jack "ROSbots Maker"

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