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Mon Jan 29 11:34:35 UTC 2018

**_About Needabot_**

Specialized in software and application development, we adapt existing robots at the hardware and software level according to requests expressed by our partners. We are based in Chlons-en-Champagne and we are answering the problems of staff members in institutes such as hospitals thanks to robots.
We are working with companies like Cybedroid (France) or Pal Robotics (Spain).

**_The offer_**

At Needabot, we seek above all enthusiasts to complete our team! If you are versatile, you want to increase your skills and have direct responsibilities, it is definitely the door to push.

So that's for sure, our company is in Chlons en Champagne, but when you look a little more it means: a good salary, a housing not very expensive, a train that takes you to 1:41 in Paris (yes it is written there: Http://voyages-sncf.com), champagne, start-ups that grow and above all, us!

For the job, you must love robots, at least know one or two, because every day we work with some. If you developped already - in Python and C++, would be a good start, if you know the ROS universe it would even be better.

In fact, we are looking for a new colleague for our project manager. Someone who wants to embrasse the same kind of job as him. Meaning: development, maintaining the robots, managing projects (time management, deadlines, monitoring and managing the team and reporting). Of course, he will be there to accompany you and train you at the beginning.

If you have ambition, we plan to open up to the rest of the world. We already go across France to intervene on the trade shows. We also work with a company in Spain so business trips are to be expected.


**_A glimpse of your day_**

9am : Small cafe with stand up meeting
9:15 am-10:00 am : You reorganize a little the planned work according to the problems encountered the day before, you support the team on your projects
10h-10.30 am : From the techno watch to sync with the latest innovations
10.30 am-12.30 pm : You code your dev part on the robot
12.30-1.30 pm : Small dish of the restaurant Le bocal next door (or to the Chinese who adores us), and a wild part of Smash Bros to ensure cohesion
1.30 pm-2:30 pm : Point with the ThincLab of Chlons on project strategies
2.30 pm-3:30 pm : Exchange with our preferred roboticists (vendors) to check the progress of the projects
3.30 pm-6pm : You join your team in the testing Institute to control the progress and to answer the questions of the nursing staff and the management team

**_Your profile_**

You are an engineer,
You have 2 years of exp in computer development
You want to manage projects,

= > Send us your resume already!

Besides, it would be better if:
 You already worked in C++ and Python
 You are curious and source of proposals
 You know how to work independently and as a team
 You have a great ability to analyze, listen and understand

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