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Tue Jul 3 13:08:42 UTC 2018


I haven't had the chance to set up an addon rosdistro myself yet but from reviewing the [Custom rosdistro docs](https://github.com/ros-infrastructure/ros_buildfarm/blob/master/doc/custom_rosdistro.rst#add-on-fork)

I don't think your custom rosdistro should include the distribution.yaml from kinetic as `ourdistro/distribution.yaml` as this will tell rosdep will expect to  resolve dependencies using ros-ourdistro-roscpp rather than ros-kinetic-roscpp. When you remove that distribution file you'll need a way to resolve dependencies in your addon distro to their kinetic counterparts. Currently the tool for doing so is https://github.com/mikepurvis/rosdep-generator. It will take an upstream rosdistro and generate a static rosdep definitions file for it. Adding that definitions file to your local rosdep sources will let you use rosdep and bloom to resolve dependencies for your addon packages to the upstream versions instead.

I do have a prototype branch [here](https://github.com/nuclearsandwich/rosdep/tree/get-deps-from-rosdistro) that allows for the inclusion of additional rosdistros in rosdep sources directly but I can't fully recommend it as it may change while in review to be included in upstream rosdep.

[quote="Paul_Bovbel, post:2, topic:5205"]

theres no way to get two base workspaces in `/opt/ros` to overlay via catkin


This limitation I don't have any suggestions to get around.


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