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Anis Koubaa ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 20:24:42 UTC 2018


I have a good news for beginners ROS users!

I have added a new section on OpenCV with ROS in my Udemy course entitled
ROS for Beginners: Basics, Motion, and OpenCV

The section presents how an image is represented in OpenCV and demonstrates the most important and basic features of OpenCV for computer vision and image processing and how it is used with ROS.
I also illustrate the concept of CvBridge that converts images between ROS and OpenCV.  
More videos about OpenCV for computer vision and image processing are planned the coming days ...

1) ROS Basics and Foundation:  which deals with the general ROS concepts that everyone has to know, like ROS topics, Services, Messages, Nodes, ...

2) Motion in ROS: We apply the concepts learned in Step 1 to make a robot move. We will develop different trajectory in the context of a nice example simulating a cleaning robot

3)Perception in ROS: I will introduce how a robot see the environment using a camera, how the images are collected in ROS and how they are processed in OpenCV. 

Based on my experience, these are the most important things any new ROS user has to know to be able to go further with his own robotics project. 

I am developing a course project for students who completed the course to apply the knowledge they learned in the lecture to develop a complete solution that includes motion and perception. 

I extend the special discount at only 9.99 USD 48-hours more by enrolling the course with this coupon

If you are beginner in ROS, feel lost among many documentations and tutorials, can't get a clear picture of "ROS mechanics", then this is the perfect course for your to start with!

Course Instructor

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