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Mon Jul 30 13:14:40 UTC 2018

[quote="gavanderhoorn, post:10, topic:5447"]

If @allenh1 gave the impression that the Ubuntu packages are supposed to be installable on Debian (proper), then that was not what he meant (most likely), and is also not the case.


I can see how I gave that impression, and, indeed, that's not what I was trying to articulate. My main point was, unfortunately, rather subtly placed in that whole mess of words up there.

@dabeegmon to clarify, there are separate build jobs for both debian and ubuntu (since they are indeed quite different). My post _should_ have stated that it is far more likely for a package to work on Debian than, say, Gentoo.

[quote="dabeegmon, post:8, topic:5447"]

Perhaps it is time for ROS to start the transition to a different base operating system?


I don't quite follow your logic -- this feels like a rather large leap to me. Would you mind explaining what makes you say this?

[quote="dabeegmon, post:9, topic:5447"]

Debian should just work but the last time I started experimenting and tried to affect an install I was unable to complete the Debian version where I was able to complete the Ubuntu one.


This can happen in a lot of situations, but the one that I see most likely (with a very incomplete picture of what's going on, and what you consider as a complete install) is that you are trying to install a package that has a dependency whose `rosdep` keys are not present.

If that is indeed the case, you can add any missing keys to [this file](https://github.com/ros/rosdistro/blob/master/rosdep/base.yaml) in the form of a pull request. I have to do this a lot with Gentoo keys, since people frequently fail to add the Gentoo keys when they add their package's dependencies into that file (but, honestly, who can _really_ blame them).

If this is not the case, then I'd need more information from you.


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