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Martin Günther ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 08:26:51 UTC 2018

> Also GitLab seems to be a better solution for managing large scale centralized open source projects such as GNOME.

The reason GNOME switched to GitLab was ideological, not technical. In the article you linked, they said that: We had a set of hard requirements, with the most important one being that it must be free software, ideally not only in license but also in spirit. There is nothing wrong with that, and I'm a strong open source advocate myself, but one should keep in mind that there is nothing technical about Gitlab that makes it somehow better for large-scale repositories. Aside from that, ROS does not have any monolithic large-scale repositories.

> Even if GitLab itself gets acquired at some point, the platform could be forked and continued independently. Another major benefit of GitLab is that it can be self-hosted.

For self-hosted repositories, there is nothing better than Gitlab IMO. At the institute I work at, we use a big self-hosted Gitlab instance for all our private repositories. However, that all is irrelevant to the question posed in this thread, which is whether we should switch from github.com to *gitlab.com* (i.e., the cloud-hosted Gitlab instance) right now. The answer to that question is "no" in my opinion.


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