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Loïc Dauphin ros.discourse at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 20:17:24 UTC 2018

Hello !

I'm here to bring some news of the project : 

 - The version of RIOT used have been updated, enabling the support of new boards and features.
 - I have implemented rmw_ndn for the "real" ROS2 stack, so that it can be chosen in place of the default rmw_fastrtps. [Here is the repository](https://github.com/astralien3000/rmw_ndn).
 - This new implementation is more advanced than the one based on ndn-riot. For instance, it supports pub/sub with multiple publishers (multiple subscribers was already supported) and discovery.
 - I have managed to make the two stacks (RIOT-ROS2 and ROS2 with rmw_ndn) communicate with eachother.

Also, with the contribution of @vmayoral : 

 - A proof-of concept port  of ROS2 for NuttX is [developped](https://github.com/erlerobot/riot-ros2/tree/nuttx).
 - A docker for compiling the project is provided.

Here is the updated roadmap : 

 - rclc still need to be completed
 - the implementation of pub/sub and discovery need to be stabilized, and ported to microcontrollers
 - services implementation needs to be done
 - starting an [Arduino port](https://github.com/astralien3000/riot-ros2/blob/master/ament2ino.cmake) ? Did I said Arduino ?

Cheers !

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