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Tully Foote ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 21:04:13 UTC 2018

ROSCon 2018 will be happening in Madrid in September. The call for proposals [has been posted](https://roscon.ros.org/2018/#call-for-proposals). The deadline is on July 3rd, now just under a month away! Our first submissions have started coming in. If youd like to propose a talk but arent sure what to talk about this thread is for you.

Talking at ROSCon can be very rewarding way to share your expertise and knowledge with the greater community. However, putting in a proposal to ROSCon can sometimes be intimidating because you dont know if there are people in the community who are interested in what youre doing.

To that end Id like to kick off a brainstorming thread here on topics that people would like to see presented at ROSCon. Even if you wont be able to make it to ROSCon feel free to suggest a topic: we record all videos and post them online. All of the previous years talks are linked to from the programs ([2017](https://roscon.ros.org/2017/#program), [2016](https://roscon.ros.org/2016/#program), [2015](https://roscon.ros.org/2015/#program), [2014](https://roscon.ros.org/2014/program/), [2013](https://roscon.ros.org/2013/program/), [2012](https://roscon.ros.org/2012/schedule/)). With people sharing topics that they would like to learn more about I hope their posts here will inspire more people to submit talks. We have a large and diverse community and want everyone to consider sharing what theyre working on.

Note that this thread is meant to be inspiration for submissions and will not be part of the Program Committees review process.

**Please reply to this thread to share the sort of talk that youd like to see someone present at ROSCon this September.**


* This is a brainstorming session.

  * Be positive.

  * There are no wrong answers. Please dont critique others responses, but build upon them.

* Keep the ideas high level.


[Visit Topic](https://discourse.ros.org/t/roscon-2018-talk-idea-brainstorm/5076/1) or reply to this email to respond.

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