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Sam Pfeiffer ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 04:04:17 UTC 2018

I think having local ROSCon (affiliated with the Open Source Robotics Foundation to keep track of what is being shown/discussed for the benefit of all the community) is a very good thing. When I was in Barcelona, Spain we did for a short while a Robotics meeting ([BAR Robotics](https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/BarRobotics/?_cookie-check=zGQVbDT9ET8chMRS)) where we talked a lot about ROS in Spanish (and Catalan!).

This allowed people that are not that fluent (or not at all) in English to ask lots of questions that otherwise would get hardly answered. It builds up an even bigger community. Some translation efforts came from that too. Think of the younger generations that are still learning English as a second language, this is great for them.

In the worst case scenario a local group grows so much in size and activity that they become very important/influential. At that point I'm pretty sure we could find a way for everyone to benefit from that group's knowledge sharing. If the talks are recorded it's a matter of writing subtitles for them. If there are tutorial packages, well, some translation would need to be done if they are that interesting.

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