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Wed Jun 13 02:03:35 UTC 2018


I hope you don't mind my intruding...

My name is Hajime Saito. I used to be at General Robotix. I was at the first meeting at Willow Garage, which was hosted by Eric Berger. So I do have an interest in ROS, and have been following it's development over these years. Sadly, I've not really been involved in the development side, much.

I think what Isaac is trying to ask is, are the local RosCon events mainly for information dissemination, or will they be vehicles for active technical dialog? Do you expect local groups to pray at the altar or ROS, or does the communication go both ways?

If you want the communication to go both ways, you'll need people to take up the dialog with RosCon(main) or with the OSRF. Having been on the receiving end during an international cooperation effort, the amount of work, at the beginning, is not trivial.

Please tell me your thoughts on this, and whether you think I've taken a few steps too far.

Best regards,


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