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fkromer ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 08:33:58 UTC 2018

@floris Sligthly of topic but probably helpful:

As long as performance of the test infrastructure is not critical for you (in most cases not the case) and the effect of Pythons GIL on multi-threading is no issue for you (usually not the case as well) or could be workaround with multiprocessing (unfortunately limited by the machines # of "real" processors) I would recommend to use `pytest` for "physical integration testing" instead.

I consider `gtest` and `rostest` suitable for "ROS node/nodelet unit testing" only so far. In case several ROS nodes/nodelets are executed (in production) on a single machine they can be suitable for "ROS node/nodelet integration testing" as well. As soon as ROS nodes are executed (in production) on "physically separated" machines w.r.t. to application context `gtest` and `rostest` is a rather bad fit (because "too far" from production).

However I am open for productive disagreement/feedback :)

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