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Wed Jun 20 03:41:35 UTC 2018

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If @gavanderhoorns verbal argument is not sufficient, heres a cold hard statistic. As of this post, only [44% ](http://metrorobots.com/answers/) of questions have an accepted answer.


... And the outstanding "unanswered" questions are only 12837 out of 40548 total which is closer to 68% resolved.


The original claim was "Ive noticed however somewhat of a decline in the number of interactions of what I would call topic experts...". To substantiate, prove or refute it numerically, a *trend* in a timeseries needs to be provided.

The ROS metrics reports are a little more helpful in that respect.

The current ratio, be it 44% or 68%, is a quite meaningless number without the context to judge it. Maybe even 44% could be quite a lot and a sign of good health of the community.


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