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Matt Robinson ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 20:35:50 UTC 2018

As a follow up to the above, ROS-I development leaders have started working up a list of repositories that will be the focus of the inaugural ROS-I Day on July 11th. This will help with making for a manageable scope and allow for tracking of the progress throughout the day.

The repositories that are being included for World ROS-I Day at this time are:

ROS-Industrial Issues
Industrial CI
Industrial MoveIt!
Universal_Robot - minus anything related to driver architecture, pending engagement with Universal Robots. While many may want to solve issues around driver architecture, the good news is, that recent engagement with Universal Robots will enable improved driver performance, outside of this particular event. Obviously, if there are those within the community that seek to improve current drivers and their performance, they are welcome to do so.
Outside of the ROS-Industrial organization, over in ROS-Industrial-Consortium:

The maintainers are in the process, and still in the process of being invited, to review issues within these repositories and label them as candidates for this event, with a "wrid18", then do a follow up and assess the "level of effort" to address the issue.

We look forward to making a World ROS-I Day Issue Board available in the near future.

Obviously, if there are other issues you feel are worth considering, or repositories to be included, feel free to add to this thread!

Thanks and looking forward to a great day on July 11th!

We also have event info over at: https://rosindustrial.org/events/2018/7/10/world-ros-i-day


Matt R.

ROS-I Americas

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