[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Next Generation ROS] ROS2 Object Analytics Release - V0.3.0

Peter Han ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon May 14 08:11:19 UTC 2018

Hi, All

We are happy to announce the initial release of the ROS2 Object Analytics packages. These packages aim to provide live object analyses over RGB-D camera inputs, same functionalities as its ROS1 counterpart [ROS Objet Analytics](https://github.com/intel/ros_object_analytics/issues/33). The main features are 2D detection, 2D tracking and 3D localization. Packages and features provided by below 3 projects with tag v0.3.0:

o [object_analytics_node](https://github.com/intel/ros2_object_analytics/tree/master/object_analytics_node): ROS publisher and tests for object tracking in a ROS [Image](https://github.com/ros2/common_interfaces/blob/master/sensor_msgs/msg/Image.msg) message, and for object localization 3D in a ROS PointCloud2 message from an RGB-D camera. OpenCV tracker is adopted for object tracking, with regular rectification from object detection results. Object segmentation over pointcloud2 image locates the detected objects in 3D camera coordination system.
o [object_analytics_msgs](https://github.com/intel/ros2_object_analytics/tree/master/object_analytics_msgs): ROS message interface for the object analytics features
o [object_analytics_launch](https://github.com/intel/ros2_object_analytics/tree/master/object_analytics_launch): ROS launch interface for the overall object analytics and its sub-modules

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